The full range of Chinese medical therapeutics is offered, from

acupuncture, herbal medicine, and diet therapy, to movement

and meditation. Additionally, due to the rich philosophical

tradition of Chinese medicine lifestyle counseling is also

possible where habits, behaviors, and the mental/emotional

aspects of illness are addressed. To get the most you can from

what Chinese medicine has to offer, it is strongly suggested

you receive exercise and meditation instruction along side

regular acupuncture treatments.

Traditionally, meditation was the cornerstone of maintaining

health. Along with daily gentle exercise routines and a proper

diet health could be maximized and most illness prevented.

More "aggressive" therapies such as acupuncture and herbal medicine were only needed when daily health practices faltered and disease was allowed to settle into the body.

In keeping with tradition, the highest therapeutic goal is not merely to eradicate disease with acupuncture, but address the underlying causes found in habits, behaviors, and thought processes, and then establish a daily practice of meditation and movement for disease prevention and the maximizing of life's potential.

Specific therapies

Acupuncture therapy (including moxabustion)

Tuina/acupressure massage

Chinese herbal medicine

Exercise therapy (creating individualized,

       therapeutic regimens incorporating yoga,

       qi gong, and Taiji quan, aka Taichi Chuan)

Diet therapy

Chinese medical counseling

Meditation instruction


Cigna, Aetna, Premera, Regence, Group Health PPO, United Healthcare, Triwest (finalizing contract - please contact to confirm status)

Fee schedule

Effective 6/1/17

*** The fee schedule below applies only to the downtown location. For the fee schedule at Bastyr Center for Natural Health please visit that dedicated web page.

In an effort to make professional medical services available to as many members of the local community as possible, the following comprehensive fee schedule is made available.

This schedule applies only to patients paying at the time the service is provided. For example, patients for whom insurance covers treatment, these rates do not apply. In such cases, patients pay their standard co-pay.

All non-Standard rates are limited in availability and offered contingent upon compliance with office rules and regulations, detailed below the summary table.


Initial Session



Student, Veteran, Fixed Income
Income Based A

Income Based B



Income Based C


        4 hours of any service per month - $400

        8 hours of any service per month - $700

        * Package refunds - Amount paid minus all sessions given times standard rate plus 5%

               cancellation fee

Students - Must be enrolled at least half-time at an accredited school; student ID  and current        class schedule required

Veterans - Copy of DD Form 214 required

Fixed Income - Copy of award letter required

Income Based - Please see the following table for applicable rate, A, B, or C. Note, these

numbers are based on  2014 Federal Poverty Guidelines and median income in the Seattle metro area.  A copy of your most recent income tax return is required.

For a household of the given size, your applicable rate, A, B, or C, is determined by the total income of your household (TI) as reported on your most recent income tax return. If your total income (TI) is at or below the amount listed you pay the associated rate. For example, if you are married with two children and between you and your wife your household made $105,000 last year, you would qualify for Rate A.

Household Size

TI for Rate A

TI for Rate B
TI Rate C

​Services & Fees

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