John Aguilar, Jr, DAOM, EAMP, Dipl OM (NCCAOM)

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Practitioner, Bastyr Center for Natural Health, Seattle, WA
Adjunct Faculty/Lecturer, Northwestern Health Sciences University
Adjunct/Clinical Faculty, Bastyr University

The Office of Dr. John Aguilar, Jr.

My girlfriend and I have been in Seattle for over three years now and we absolutely love it. As she likes to say, "We live in a calendar." All the pictures you see on this website are from travels we have taken all over the Pacific Northwest.

My love for taking pictures reflects my appreciation for

beauty and my purpose in medicine. I can't help but be

struck by the perfect aligning of tree branches, clouds,

sunrays, or mountain ridges... It's almost as if a secret

- the secret - were revealed in a flash.

For me, beauty is truth, seeing, knowing what is actually there, again, that inner secret revealed. Amidst the constant shifting, there are moments of return, of re-alignment, attunement and then a supernovic explosion of perfection... it's beautiful.

                                                                         Patients are brought in by that experience of

                                                                         non-alignment, of being out-of-tune. They are

                                                                         tired of internal shifts trending away from                                                                                    peace. Ever since I was a little kid, what I see                                                                            in people is exactly that internal misalignment.                                                                            And I see it over-laying this glorious brilliance of                                                                          innate divinity, of perfect beauty. I see two                                                                                  people in one, really just one person struggling for not fully aligning with themself.

Medicine is my tool for aiding people in realigning. Together we

take a journey, walking back down the winding path of their life,

until we finally crest the hill, forge the river that allows that view

of their own personal perfection, their own beauty of who they

truly are.