Practitioner, Bastyr Center for Natural Health, Seattle, WA

Adjunct Faculty/Lecturer, Northwestern Health Sciences University,

Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine,

Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine,

Clinic Supervisor, Bastyr University

Graduate student, Asian Languages and Literature, Univ of WA

        Professional Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The Office of Dr. John Aguilar, Jr.

Frequently Asked Questions

‚Äč1. How big are the needles?

          Pretty small. Please see the chart at right.

2. Does it hurt?

           Though acupuncture needles are tiny, they are placed at very specific

           points on the body that are directly associated with illness. There may,

           therefore, be sensation felt with an acupuncture treatment. This, in fact,

           is one indicator that treatment is both needed and is having good effect.

           You may feel the insertion of the needle. Though this is not always the

            case. You may then also feel when the practitioner skillfully manipulates

            the needle to have the desired effect on the tissue. This sensation is

            often described as a dull ache or even as subtle movement through the


            Whatever sensation you may feel, it is always temporary, lasting only

            seconds. For the duration of the treatment patients are generally calm,

            relaxed, and often find themselves falling asleep.

3. How many treatments does it take?

             The answer to this question varies significantly from patient to patient.

             Certain conditions can be completely resolved with only a few


             Chronic conditions or those which have already been the target of

             multiple other therapies, for example, surgery or drug therapy, will

             usually take longer to effect substantial change.

              Importantly, symptom relief should begin within the first one or two


              Keep in mind that, with acupuncture, symptoms are not simply being

              removed or turned off. The body is actually returning to health. The

              resolution of physical symptoms is merely a side benefit of this

              underlying improvement in health.