"I have been to a couple of acupuncturists in the past,

but I have never had results as significant as those

gained from Dr. Aguilar's treatments. He completely

healed my torn hamstring in only a couple sessions

and has been very instrumental in helping me 

overcome emotional issues. I doubt that you will find

an acupuncturist in Seattle more dedicated to and

proficient in the art." J.L., Seattle, Washington

"I'm new to acupuncture and honestly I was a little

skeptic at first. But now I only wish that I would of

started sooner! Acupuncture has been a "game

changer" for me and I've honestly been amazed with

how much it has helped me not only physically but

emotionally too! John Aguilar, Jr is very intuitive and

answers all my questions with a smile. I highly recommend him!" H.L., Seattle, WA

"I was bed ridden for 6 months. My HMO doctors and then specialists 
didn't have a diagnoses or plan of treatment, but agreed I was very sick and that my liver was failing. Out of  desperation I followed a trusted friend's referral to Dr. Aguilar, and was immediately treated with acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbs. Within one week my liver tests showed improvement, and in one month my liver tested within the normal range; but more importantly I was back on my feet at work and able to socialize again. Dr. Aguilar demonstrated that acupuncture and TCM can diagnose and treat any ailment by directly supporting the energy system of the body, including ailments that elude western doctors. Dr. Aguilar doesn't just talk to the theory of TCM, but demonstrates the effectiveness. It's one thing to have an in instructor explain some of the history of qi gong, but quite another thing when John demonstrates it and gives examples from years of his professional practice." J.J., Seattle,Washington

                                                      “John is one of the most compassionate people I have ever                                                              known, and he brings intelligence and focused analysis to h                                                            is patient interactions. Few healers in any tradition have this                                                           essential combination of qualities.” R.Z., Denver, Colorado

                                                      "Dr. John is the best. Fixed my chronic heart burn in one                                                                  visit. He is the MAN!!!!" T.V., Seattle, Washington

                                                       “I have been working with John for seven years                                                                                and consider acupuncture/TCM integral to my health -                                                                   physical and mental.  John  always looks at any illness or                                                               injury in a holistic sense; and with his help, I've reduced lifelong depression, experienced greatly increased  energy, sped recovery from broken bones, and never suffered a cold or flu for more than  a day or two.  John's use of herbs, needles, and the philosophy behind traditional Chinese Medicine has improved my  quality of life - and my outlook on the future.” J.S., Denver, Colorado

“I have been working with Dr. John Aguilar now for the past 3 years.  When I started acupuncture I was actually quite skeptical as to whether or not acupuncture would be 

effective.  My skepticism along with my fear of needles had me wondering what was I

getting into?  All this being said Dr. John Aguilar was able to put my fears to ease.  If you

are ever wondering as to whether or not acupuncture is right for you.  I would suggest to

go ahead and give it a try.  Dr. John Aguilar comes across as a professional, caring

individual and keeps you informed of what happens through out the treatment.  Dr. John

makes it a point to make sure that the patient feels comfortable and there is a feeling that

both the patient and him are working together as a team.  This the  way a doctor patient

relationship has always meant to be.  I would obviously recommend him as an

acupuncturist.” T.O., Denver, Colorado


“I have been going to John for acupuncture for about a year now. When I first met John,

he made me feel extremely comfortable about talking about not only the physical symptoms for which I needed treatment, but also about everything else that was going on in my life. John seemed to intuitively understand how all of my symptoms were related to one another, and I was truly surprised by how connected my physical symptoms were to mental and emotional aspects of my life as well. John is able to see the big picture, not just mask symptoms with treatments and herbs. He understands how everything is connected.  I have been to other acupuncturists and they have all been positive experiences, but I can say that John is the only acupuncturist I have seen on a regular basis. He is a fantastic listener, which is important in this area of medicine. I know that he truly cares about my health and overall well-being, and that was clear from our first session. It has been easy to establish a great connection with such a caring, knowledgeable, and extremely skilled acupuncturist like John. I'm also really excited to attend one of John's seminars on meditation.” A.L., Denver, Colorado

​“Thoughtful, attentive and deeply passionate/knowledgeable. Both my husband and I have seen him for treatment.” 
A.G., Denver, Colorado

"My experience with John--knowing him professionally & personally for almost 15 years--has been overwhelmingly positive. I am continually amazed by his level of focus, determination, & fidelity to the principles of Chinese medicine... as well as his unceasing practice of always learning more.

John's unwavering commitment to the ethical provision of sound, effective, individually-tailored treatment is an undeniable benefit to his patients (of course). However, it also serves as an example to many other professionals & people in general (myself included), of what it means to "do good work.

If your situation brings you to seek treatment with John, you will be treated by one of the best I've known." M.T., Denver, Colorado



Practitioner, Bastyr Center for Natural Health, Seattle, WA

Adjunct Faculty/Lecturer, Northwestern Health Sciences University,

Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine,

Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine,

Clinic Supervisor, Bastyr University

Graduate student, Asian Languages and Literature, Univ of WA

        Professional Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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