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Note - Please purchase texts as close to the source as possible, from the publisher or author themselves, such as University of California Press for Unschuld's texts. For Chinese medical texts, purchase directly from the author or use Redwing Books or other Chinese medical publishers such as Happy Goat Productions or  Chinese Medicine Database. If none of the above is possible, please use Alibris. Your money is your voice, energy, intent. Use and direct it mindfully, towards those things you wish to see flourish. Chinese medicine is a small field. In order to support the existence of quality materials, we must support those producing those materials.

Chinese medicine


          Wiseman, N. and Ye, F. A Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine

               - The single most comprehensive, scholarly collection of Chinese

                    medical terms and concepts, including clinically useful information

                    such as point prescriptions. Available as an add-on dictionary on


          Wiseman, N. and Ellis, A. Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine

          Ellis, A. and Wiseman, N. Fundamentals of Chinese Acupuncture

     Post-graduate ("Advanced")

          Note - A key part of rising above introductory materials in Chinese medicine, i.e., those 

               myriad TCM pattern cookbooks - e.g. the four patterns of back pain, six patterns for 

               diabetes, listings of points, herbs, or formulas "good for" X disease,  etc. - is to

               understand the underlying pathomechanisms of symptoms and disease, to enrich

               your understanding of the base paradigm and core theoretical and clinical theories to

               the point where you can understand the health-disease dynamic in its entirety

               allowing you to asses it comprehensively and approach it therapeutically from

               multiple angles with modalities. The best way to do this is direct study of the source

               of the medicine, the Han dynasty medical classics, such as the Nèijīng. As this

               approach is dealt with in other areas of this website, below are listed intermediary

               texts, those which will likely carry the reader beyond entry-level understanding.                     

Han Dynasty Classics

     Huángdì Nèijīng, 黃帝内經 Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic

     Shānghán Lùn/Jīngguì Yàoluè, 傷寒論/金貴要略 Treatise on Cold Damage/Essential

          Prescriptions from the Golden Cabinet

     Shénnóng Běncǎo Jīng, 神農本草經 Divine Farmer's Classic of Materia Medica

          Translation by Sabine Wilms, PhD

Chinese Language Study

          Kroll, P. A Student's Dictionary of Classical and Medieval Chinese     

              Available as a softcover text or Pleco app

          Wiseman and Feng. A Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine          

               Available in hardcover or as Pleco app

Chinese Medicine History

     Hinrichs, T and Barnes, L. Chinese Medicine and Healing: An Illustrated History

          Review by Nathan Sivins, PhD

     Unschuld, P. Medicine in China: A History of ideas

          Review by Nathan Sivins, PhD

     Scheid, V.Chinese Medicine in Contemporary China: Plurality and Synthesis

     Taylor, K. Chinese Medicine in Early Communist China

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