​​​The Office of Dr. John Aguilar, Jr.

Therapeutic Taiji quan classes


Tàijí quán 太极拳  (太极拳) translates into "supreme ultimate martial art". It's classified as an "internal" martial art because it emphasizes fluidity and flexibility in combat, versus more overt uses of hard force in "external" styles. This emphasis on fluidity in movement is also largely why Tàijí makes such an excellent health exercise. 

The practice of Tàijí has many health benefits, including:

  • Strength and flexibility
  • Balance and coordination
  • Mental acuity and focus

​Dr. Aguilar emphasizes the health-benefiting aspects of Tàijí in his classes and provides individual assessment and instruction to all his students. He treats this martial art as a gateway to perfecting health and wellness and maximizing life.

Prior to attending classes, you will fill out a complete Chinese medical intake form. During classes, Dr. Aguilar will use this information in concert with direct observation of your movements to determine your strengths, weaknesses, and areas for focused attention. You will be given individual guidance and instruction with "homework" for your daily home regimen. (Note - students may opt out of this more intense, individualized instruction, should they desire to do so.)

Your instructor - dr. John aguilar

Dr. Aguilar brings considerable knowledge and experience to his therapeutic Tàijí classes including:

  • over a decade in the martial arts, including internal and external styles, 
  • a maser's and doctorate in Chinese medicine, with eighteen years in the field, and
  • yoga teacher and yoga therapist certifications (a complete review of his training can be found in the About Me section of this website).

He has a near-all-consuming passion for sharing with his patients every bit of knowledge and experience he has acquired about best health practices. His Tàijí classes are simply one additional avenue to offer his skill to the local community.

about the classes

  • ​Classes incorporate Tàijí form practice, yoga and qigong exercises, and meditation practice.
  • Students are given individual guidance to address their unique physical abilities and health challenges.
  • Classes are designed to give students the knowledge and skills to practice daily at home, thus maximizing the healing and therapeutic power of Tàijí.
  • All levels of health, ability, and experience welcomed.

important class notices

*** Pre-registration is required for every class. Contact Dr. Aguilar by phone, email, or text to sign-up for class 24 hours prior to class start - 425-299-0431, DrJohnAguilarJr@gmail.com.

*** Prior to your first class, it is strongly recommended (though not required) you request and fill-out the "New Student Intake" form. This information will allow Dr. Aguilar to provide you individual instruction and guidance in class. Request this form by submitting the following information to Dr. Aguilar as soon before your first class as possible, as the form may take up to two hours to complete:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Home zip code

*** Also prior to your first class, review the following information:


$25 per class

  • Paid at the time of class, cash or credit card.

$80 for four classes

  • Registration prior to every class still required.
  • Not showing up for a class after registration will result in loss of credit for that class.
  • All prepaid classes expire six months after payment.

location and time

Shaolin Center of Seattle

16300 Aurora Ave N

Shoreline, WA 98133

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Sundays, 9-10:30am​

Wear loose-fitting clothes and bring a rolled-up towel or other cushion suitable for sitting upon for meditation practice.